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Industrial Products

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We can make everything that can be made of plastic, Plexiglas, foils, metal, wood, paper. If required, the manufactured product may be developed in combinations with other materials. If you choose us, you will find a reliable partner if you want to create either standardized production or production of individual goods. We use a wide variety of different technologies, like for example: hot bending, cold bending, vacuum forming, heat welding, punching, milling, ultrasonic welding, high frequency welding, etc. Environment is the central issue in our business, whether it is POS, POP, industrial products or logistics products!

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Products manufactured with vacuum aspiration can be created according to individual needs up to 2000x1000 mm, with the height of up to 400 mm. These can be products to be built in, housing, shielding, products for transport purposes, products for storage purposes, internal boxes for fridges, but these can also be products simply for aesthetic purposes.

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Among vacuum formed products, a significant part is taken by industrial and logistics trays. With the help of these trays secure transportation and storage can be solved easily either within a plant or between plants. The parts can be components, sensitive components, panels and cables used from electronics industry to the automotive industry. The trays can be stacked and they do not produce waste, like for example polystyrene. Safe transportation of products can be made in specific trays manufactured for single sensitive task. The trays can be used many times; as a result they reduce costs.

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You may only need a piece of Plexiglas, or you may need a tray. We can also help you between the two, with, for example, a machine card holder, which can be put in a place where important information can be well seen, and where possibility for fast change of cards is provided. Other our products are: disposable boxes, jars, box inlays, packaging solutions for desserts-, biscuits- and other confectionery products, blister packaging, etc.

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